Welcome to my Vibespace!

This web is still being woven. Please don't be surprised if it changes from time to time...

This page is incomplete, but you can take a look at what I have so far here.
This page isn't really mobile friendly, though!

Things my page will be about:

My Fandoms

The hosts that will guide this site are as follows:

Character Genre Planned Pages
Orion Vaporwave/Lofi Main pages, stream schedule/content, life blogging
[???] Electronic/Future Bass Tech and PC building blog, update logs, VG reviews and photos
Shadow Classic Country/Bluegrass Travel blogging, past and planned trips, recommended sights
Silva Indie Folk/Orchestral Pagan Lifestyle blog, Renn Faire adventures, recipes, library of my own writings
Ezrael Rock/Metal/Punk Page that will be fully written in German, documenting my progress in learning the language
I'm union and proud of it!
Unionize your workplace!